Tysen-Webb-EpisodeToday’s episode is a bit different…okay it’s a lot different. My buddy and fellow podcaster, Chris Cerrone and I decided to record a show and air it on both of our streams. This may be the first podcast simulcast!

Chris had asked me to be on his show and my guest for today’s show had to reschedule so it created the perfect opportunity to open the mics and have a fun, honest conversation about life as an online entrepreneur.  Chris draws out of me a lot of my past and how I got into radio, my family life and more. Plus I vocalize my thoughts on podcasting and where it and the radio industry is going. I hope you enjoy this episode. Please leave a comment below.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How I got into radio
  • Challenges and benefits of being an online entrepreneur
  • My view on what will happen to radio
  • My view on podcasting
  • much much more





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