Nathan-Latka-facebook-podcast-interview-go-for-it-showHow would you like to make an extra $2,000 a month on the side? Sounds good doesn’t it? Today’s guest, Nathan Latka CEO of, is going to share how you can create an extra $2,000+ a month on Facebook.

While browsing Facebook you’ve probably seen in your feed a campaign where a business is giving away a prize. Nathan is here to share with us how wildly effective those campaigns are and how someone will zero coding skills can launch an amazing campaign for a business in minutes.

He also shares a bunch of behind the scenes data from current Heyo customers who are very successful!

In this episode we discuss:

  • Nathan’s entrepreneurial history
  • What makes a successful Facebook campaign
  • How you can generate an extra $2,000+ a month in just a few hours a week
  • Nathan’s uncanny resemblance to Andrew Garfield
  • An offer for Go For It Show listeners


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