John-Kapy-instagram-instaamazing-chocolatier-go-for-it-show-podcastMy next Go For It Show guest specializes in quality hand-made chocolates. His client base includes the rich and famous and he’s been featured on ABC Sydney Radio and Food Magazine.

He wants to help anyone starting a business and in fact we met live during Sue B Zimmerman’s Creative Live Instagram broadcast. He’s going to be the Instagram Guy from Australia. Please welcome John Kapy

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How John is using Instagram to expand his chocolate business
  • How John is growing a very loyal customer base
  • “Just put it out there”
  • How to create real connections with people through Instagram
  • Why INXS – New Sensation is an inspiration to John


John’s Instagram

Perfection Chocolates

INXS – New Sensation

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