Jim-Seeney-MIKE-sports-goals-go-for-it-show-podcastMy next guest on Go For It is crafting his digital innovation to become the first universal animated brand in sports. With 36 published Sports Comic Books, his goal is to distribute 1 million ebooks of his sports character by 2016. Say hello to the Creator of Mike – Mr. Jim Sweeney.

As creator of the Trademarked MIKE cartoon sports character, Jim Sweeney has crafted his digital innovation to become the first universal animated brand in sports.

Sweeney envisions MIKE as a witty, alter-ego personality to eventually be seen and heard on network television and Jumbotrons.

In order to build brand equity before signing MIKE to an animation deal, Jim’s property has enjoyed an incredible start in digital media.

With 36 published MIKE Sports Comic Books, Jim’s goal is to distribute 1 million MIKE ebooks by 2016.

All of the ebooks contain clever sports comics and light hearted commentaries on MIKE’s unique observations about sports.

Besides penning a near daily blog, Jim just launched his MIKE on Sports! podcast on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

In addition to creating sports content for MIKE, the 57 year-old Sweeney still participates in sports (slowly!) as a masters athlete.

He is the USA representative for FIMBA – the governing body for masters basketball tournaments around the world.

Sweeney has played on USA senior teams in Prague in 2009, Brazil in 2011 and Greece in 2013 and now is tasked with expanding the FIMBA brand in the United States.

A three-time basketball captain at Boston College, Sweeney was recently seen in the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary Playing for the Mob.

Sweeney is utilizing his lifetime experiences in sports and business as a catalyst to bring the MIKE cartoon sports character to life and develop MIKE into a sports and cultural icon.



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