My Story

Tysen Webb, host of the Go For It podcast.

I fell in love with broadcasting at the ripe old age of 14.

I remember the light bulb moment like it was yesterday.  One Saturday afternoon I was lying on my bed listening to my favorite station, playing air drums to the music when the DJ came on and said something clever (I don’t remember what he said but I’m sure it was clever). In that moment I thought to myself  “that is a sweet gig and I will be a DJ within this year.”

I loved music and was a talented kid so why couldn’t I be on the radio at 14, right?  Go ahead and laugh, I look back and laugh at how cocky I was myself.  Oh, for the perpetual indestructible arrogance of a teenager! Naïve as I was, I learned quickly to work hard and do whatever it took.

I was 15 years old when I got to crack the mic for the first time.  I was instantly addicted.

I have been an on-air personality/DJ for mostly Alternative Rock stations, but also some interesting other formats, for 20 years, as well as producing imaging and commercials, managing station marketing and even doing a stint in sales.  There isn’t an area of broadcasting I haven’t had my hands on, learned all the ins and outs of, and thoroughly enjoyed!

Over the years I’ve learned to change with the times, developing skills from producing sound elements to marketing and promotions to social media.  (My degree is formally in Business Marketing.) In the process, I’ve become a voice over actor, marketer and now entrepreneur! I even reached the pinnacle of my teenage goal and ran my favorite radio station as Program Director for a year!

So why have I launched Go For It? Because of that 14 year old boy I was, who was inspired to follow my dreams by a talented DJ.

Because hearing him struck a chord inside me that told me I could achieve that dream.

Because in this journey of life, we all gain courage when those who are farther along the path reach back a helping hand and encouragement that the view from the top is worth the effort.

And finally, because I recognize every day the intense value in being happy to wake up every morning – excited about what the day will bring – exhilarated by new challenges and creative undertakings.

In my journey, I’ve had jobs that seemed like a perfect progression in pursuit of my dreams.  Then I’d push doors open only to find myself at a dead-end. I felt like I was chasing smoke. And in some ways, I actually was. I finally achieved my 20-year goal just as radio is facing downsizing, cloning of formats like chain-stores by national corporate ownership, and loss of influence due to increased options from online & digital media.

Having fought through the crap-level jobs, worked and hoped and learned, there I was – right on my perfect trajectory. And there were many, many things I loved. It was my ideal job, right? But I found myself unsatisfied. Maybe it was because I was constantly under a corporate yoke, or maybe it was because I find satisfaction in pursuit, not arrival — either way, while I enjoyed so much of what I did – interaction with listeners being top of that list – I was frustrated.

When my station’s format was changed by the corporate owners, I could have marketed myself and found another similar job, but the truth is, I’d lost my drive. What does a person do when he has achieved his life goal and found it hollow? While the job lasted, I was content to pretend it was enough, but with it gone, I knew I’d been lost for a while.

Using my marketing background, I’ve gone back into sales, hoping that it may spark a new goal in some direction.  I’m still searching.

Go For It is just as much for me as it is for anyone else.

It’s been said that the best way to gain happiness is to serve others. I want to use my expertise to give back – to contribute to the world a little something of that spark, that kick to achieve that was given to me. There are so many people out there living their dreams in a way that gives us all confidence to not give up on our own. I have the unique opportunity to spotlight those amazing talents among us.  And along the way, I’m learning – re-orienting – re-focusing my own life.

What is Go For It? It is the stories of entrepreneurs, artists, authors, athletes, musicians, teachers — anyone who is successful at doing what they love and through their experiences are able to inspire us to get going along our own paths.  Through my interviews with these fascinating people, I hope to help others find what they need to succeed – the motivation to get started or to persevere.

I am proud to join you on this journey.  Together we will achieve success beyond our wildest dreams.  Together we can GO FOR IT!