artofdoing-reviewThe Art of Doing: How Superachievers Do What They Do and How They Do It So Well, by Camille Sweeny and Josh Gosfield.

We all know, from years of hearing not to, the dangers of judging a book by the cover.  And yet, I’m still going to admit it was simply the bright yellow design and  bold graphic print that drew me to this delightfully different motivational  read.

Setting it apart from the typical preachy self-empowerment fare, The Art of Doing provides an entertaining compilation of interviews from real-life successful people from diverse backgrounds.  From the famous (Alec Baldwin, Laura Linney, Yogi Berra) to the more obscure (Jill Tarter – SETI Institute, Gary Noesner – FBI Agent, Erin Gruwell – Teacher), each story offers life lessons and poignant success tips. For a philomath like myself, I especially love the little section at the end of each interview where the authors include facts & stats about both the person and the topic/industry.

Throughout and overarching all the interviews is a mission;

“What is success?” and “Who gets it?” and “Why do people care about it?”…instead of theorizing on success Gladwellian-style or offering up some easily digestible quick-tip formulae, who not go straight to the source? Why not simply ask people how they do what they do?

…Our participants’ vocations, goals, philosophical perspectives and personalities could not have been more different, but as their responses to our questions accumulated, we began to see patterns.  We came to realize that these extraordinary people shared many core principles and practices that had led to their great success.

The book goes on to outline 10 success principles gleaned from the 36 interviews from fascinating success stories running the gamut from opera diva to dog groomer to bestselling author.

The Art of Doing is a great read – uplifting, light, fun and easily manageable in small time chunks due to its formatting. And we at the Go For It Show love it especially because we share its fundamental philosophy – that the best way to learn about success is by asking successful people.  Also, that success is defined not by fame, but by passion and fulfillment, so those stories come from vast and diverse voices.  What do YOU think superachievers have in common, and do you have what it takes?


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