Karen Gillan

Karen Gillan and myself

Twice a year I turn my interviewing and stage skills to my geek side. It is a total blast to have the opportunity to help out with Salt Lake Comic Con. Just this past weekend was FanX – a smaller, more intimate version of the Con that focuses on celebrity interaction and artists.

This time I got to interview Karen Gillan, as well as spearhead a social media campaign. Both were fantastic experiences that showcase exactly why I love Comic Con.

With Karen Gillan, I got to meet and chat with a brilliant and delightful actor, while the social media fun enabled me to interact with the interesting and varied people attending the con. Since anyone who knows me knows that I love people, (which is a major reason why I host an interview show) both of these outcomes are a huge high for me.



I got to meet great people from Washington, Colorado, and Idaho as well as locals. From cosplayers to authors and artists, to “celebrity collectors,” (whatever that means – they’re the ones who said it, not me!) the people who come to Salt Lake Comic Con are among the best people anywhere.



So, what is it like backstage? Chaos, basically. Everyone coming and going, sound guys, video guys, tech guys…celebrities, their agents…fans, crazy fans, shy fans, uber-fans. Three days of exhausting and exhilarating fun.


Back Stage Control


There are always moments when everything looks like it’s falling apart, then miraculously comes back together – always thanks to how dedicated everyone behind the scenes is to providing the best possible experience for fans.

Richard Paul Evans


Luckily, I’ve never found myself getting star-struck or tongue-tied. I’ve had lots of people ask me about that – do I get stage fright? Am I intimidated by celebrities? The answer to both is no, not really –and the reason is the same. I am freakishly, childishly curious about everything. Every moment I’m so involved with the adventure, sucked into what’s going on, that I forget to be self-aware until it is over. THEN I often turn things over in my mind. I get more nervous ten minutes after an interview or an emcee moment in front of thousands of people, than during. And honestly, I feel very at home on a stage because it just feels like I’m hanging out with friends. Lots of friends.

As for my biggest interview this Con, here is a short clip of how it went. I only knew Karen Gillan as Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy, actually. But I did some quick research, courtesy of my wife who is a huge Dr. Who fan – who crammed me full of critical story lines and selected for me pivotal episodes to watch. (mental high-five when I was able to laugh at a joke Karen made about the Silence.) Karen is a fabulous interview because she’s such a good sport, has such a great attitude, and is a quick wit.