joshua hansenMeet Joshua Snow Hansen.  Or about half of Joshua Hansen. Because if you had met Josh just a few years ago, he would have been 180 lbs heavier than he is today.  In an inspiring battle with weight loss, Josh has become an impressive marathon runner who always looks outside himself, using his running to benefit others.

At just over 400 lbs, Joshua knew that he had a problem with food that was affecting his health and contributing to his depression.  On his website, Joshua recounts how his relationship with food was holding him back, keeping him in a “comfort zone.”  Finally reaching the breaking point; he decided to change.  First his diet.  Then some exercise.

And eventually marathons.

Wait, what?

It’s not like marathons are a natural progression from dieting and exercise.  They are an ambition above average gym attendance.  Training for one marathon or half is a daunting goal for a guy who admits he was never athletic. Yet Josh has now run a total of 57 races of at least half marathon length.

Joshua doesn’t just run marathons either.  Partnering with the Hunstman Cancer Institute, inspired by his mother’s courageous battle with breast cancer, he put together a campaign to raise money by promising to run in denim when his fundraising goals were met.  When they were exceeded, he ran in jeans AND a denim vest!

Josh quote.jpgAnd what motivates Josh?  “Other people inspire me.  I don’t consider myself an abnormal or special runner.  I’m a runner just like everyone else out there on the course. And I love hearing other people’s stories.  I love making new friends.  That inspires me to keep running.”

How much running are we talking about? On his website,, Josh sets his mark high – 180 races of at least 13.1 miles or more before he hits 40 years old.  That’s 18 races a year!

On the podcast, he tells of his depression, food dependence, and lows in his life which he has overcome to become happy, fulfilled and driven. Josh offers two main pieces of advice:

“Find people who support you in your goals… you have to have that fan base.”

“Look for experts. Whether it’s a trainer, whether it’s a mentor, reach out and find that one that will work for you as well.  Because they will make a big difference.  You know, YOU take that first step, but they’re the ones who help you in the direction you should take.”

Listen to Joshua’s story of how he decided to Go For It, and how it has helped him to become happier and more fulfilled, on this episode.



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